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About Solver AI Suite

Solver AI Suite is a modular AI platform that helps companies put their customers in the spotlight, having all customer-related data in one place with the ability to target them with personalised offers.

This page contains the comprehensive description of how the product can be used and understood from the perspective of a business user. It provides the general information about the intelligence running underneath the surface. It can help you in demystifying AI and translate complex formulas into steps to be taken in order to meet the specific business goal.

Customer studio

Customer studio contains all you need to know to understand your customer, in one place, using three components: c360, Audience lab and Customer insights.

c360 is a module used for direct sales activity; it gathers all customer-related data in one place. The seller uses the insights from this module for upselling, cross-sell, reducing churn and providing a better user experience as it provides unique insights about customers combined with results of machine learning models concerning that consumer - estimated lifetime value, cluster to which the customer belongs and list of products that are likely to be of interest to the customer. Audience lab is a lab of filters to create an adequate group of customers, with over 50 different selection options.

Customer insights component provides valuable insights about the specific audiences, but also the total customer base, like average basket value and size, segment shares, etc. Audience funnel report explains how the specific audience has been built based on specified filters.

Touchpoint studio

Touchpoint studio is unique solution for managing personalized experience on any channel. It’s ideal for upselling, cross-selling, keeping customers in the checkout, promoting actions, or just providing information of interest to them. It allows you to:

  • play with setting rules and positions to get automated and dynamic content for the customers on your digital channels
  • use power of artificial intelligence to increase relevance of the recommendations
  • define different content that will be dynamically served depending on the buying cycle your customer is in

It contains the following components:

  • Smart Search: which ensures that every user while browsing is equipped with an intelligent way to search the content or relevant information available, thus allowing the visitors to freely express and formulate their inquiry or interest in some particular topic.
  • Smart Recommendations: which ensures that every user is equipped with relevant recommendations he comes across every digital platform. Those recommendations are based on your business wisdom, data and artificial intelligence.
  • FAQ (coming soon): which ensures that every user finds the information they need to know instantaneously

Campaigning studio

Campaigning studio communicates with many customers, but they feel you are speaking directly to them. This is achieved with personalised offer content created for each customer and with the choice of an appropriate marketing channel for a given audience.

Campaigning studio allows you to:

  • send multi-channel campaigns [Viber, SMS, email] in 5 steps
  • do A/B/C testing and learn what is the best way to target your customers (in terms of copy, timing, offering,...)
  • send personalised campaigns based on recommendations for each customer

Background intelligence

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