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Release notes 3.3.0 (December 1st, 2022)

Campaigning Studio

  • New placeholders available - customers' names in the vocative. This means that you can personalize communication with customers like "Hey MiloŇ°e, we have a special offer for you - Adidas superstar sneakers by special price of EUR 89.99, check it out!"
  • Campaign schedule time is now in intervals of 15 minutes, which makes scheduling much easier

Touchpoint Studio - redesigned components:

Smart Recommendations:

  • New business logic when creating a touchpoint is implemented - it starts from the marketing goal
  • "View" approach has been replaced with "Strategy" as a new, more understandable flow
  • There's a Default strategy for each Marketing goal

Smart Search:

  • Search model is improved in area of handling typos

Customer Studio

  • New filters from derived metrics are now available in the Audience Lab:
    • Average number of purchases on a monthly basis,
    • Days since the last purchase,
    • Average monthly spending,
    • Dominant store,
    • Average basket value,
    • Average basket size
  • Gender breakdown is now presented as a pie chart thus supporting more than 2 gender types

Machine Learning news

  • Recommender models can be now trained both on product catalogs or shorter product lists (leaflets) thus making it possible to recommend to customers only products that are candidates for promotion or only products for certain (web) shop.
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