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This is the official documentation for Solver AI Suite

Get started with Solver AI Suite

A quick user guide to specific actions you can do through Solver AI Suite.

How to create an audience?

How to create a campaign?

How to create a template for email?

How to create a Recommender touchpoint?

How to create a Search touchpoint?

How to create a form?

Business documentation

Business documentation can be found here

This page contains the comprehensive description of how the product can be used and understood from the perspective of a business user. It contains the user guide and the general information about the AI models running underneath the surface.

The main idea of this section is to demystify AI and translate complex formulas into steps to be taken in order to meet the specific business goal.

Developers documentation

Developers documentation can be found here.

This page contains technical information that developers need in order to integrate Solver AI Suite to other applications. This means that somewhere within, you can stumble upon a bunch of dark screens with pythonic hieroglyphs and instructions which don't make much sense if you're a business user.

If you are a developer, then you will find valuable information like API docs, integration code snippets, etc. that can ease your life and help you with integrating our product to some external application which is API fluent.

Customer support guidelines

Customer support guidelines can be found here

This page contains information about what to do when something is not working or when you get stuck somewhere.

Although we try really hard to prevent bugs and enable unhindered use of the product, we don't exclude the possibility of irregularities and bugs to appear. On the other hand - we offer impeccable and record-breaking reaction to all the reported bugs - and we are always ready to be challenged.

Take this journey with us by exploring the user guide first.

Release notes

Release notes can be found here

This page contains the summary - release notes - about product changes and updates. Release notes represent an important way of understanding the current state of the product, past updates and release versions.

Release notes include information about new features added, issues resolved, and improvements in a product, and are used as the main communication channel between the user and the product - in order to enhance the user experience and understanding of the product.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions can be found here

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