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Campaigning Studio

Campaigning Studio communicates with many customers, but they feel you are speaking directly to them. This is achieved with personalised offer content created for each customer and with the choice of an appropriate marketing channel for a given audience.

Solver Campaigning Studio is not just a tool for campaign management, it is a tool that enables you to automatically trigger campaigns over channels that are most likely going to motivate your lead to convert into your customer and your customer to convert into a loyal brand ambassador.

The foundation of Campaigning Studio lies on complex AI and ML models that enable you to get seamless user experience and to utilize marketing efforts to the maximum.

Campaigning studio allows you to:

  • send multi-channel campaigns (Viber, SMS, email) in 5 steps
  • do A/B/C testing and learn what is the best way to target your customers
  • send personalised campaigns based on recommendations for each customer


You can create your first campaign in 5 easy steps by clicking on "Create new campaign" button.

campaigning_1.jpg campaigning_2.jpg campaigning_3.jpg campaigning_4.jpg campaigning_5.jpg campaigning_6.jpg campaigning_7.jpg campaigning_8.jpg campaigning_9.jpg

VoilĂ ! You've created your first campaign!


Get valuable insights about the specific campaign. See how your campaigns are performing in real time, compare success rates across campaigns, and dig deep to understand the reasons for their success.

CMP metrics dash.jpg


You can create your first template by clicking on "Create new template" button.

email_templating_1.jpg email_templating_2.jpg email_templating_3.jpg email_templating_5.jpg email_templating_6.jpg email_templating_7.jpg email_templating_8.jpg email_templating_9.jpg email_templating_10.jpg

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