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Customer Studio

All you need to know to understand your customer, in one place. Customer studio is made of three separate elements - c360, Audience & Customer Insights. It helps you create meaningful customer groups based on multiple criteria not visible in standard BI tools and deeply understands their behaviour with help of AI models. Being able to develop a specific customer segment and recognize their distinct buying patterns and behaviour, it enables you to create data-driven marketing, sales actions & campaigns that will deliver above industry standards converting campaigns and ROI.

Customer Studio allows you to:

  • Gather all customer-related data in one place enriched with statistics insights and AI powered attributes
  • Use a lab of filters to create an adequate group of customers, with over 50 different selection options
  • Play with audiences to get the most of it - expand, intersect or merge multiple audiences and cross their power



Gather all customer-related data in one place, on a single view. Use these insights to upsell, cross-sell, reduce churn and provide a better user experience. Follow the steps bellow to get to know our product and its perks.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Play in lab of filters to create an adequate group of customers, with over 50 different selection options, in 5 following steps: 1. Choose your audience name

Audience_step_1 2. Play with all attributes you have about customers

Audience_step_2 3. Choose customer buying cycle and lifetime value - AI powered features focused on customer

Audience_step_3 4. Filter product focused features by brand, category or supplier, AI & statistics powered

Audience_step_4 5. Choose type of audience and overview your audience

Audience_step_5 Audience_final Audience_new_audience

To intersect audience or create lookalike audience, see the instructions bellow: Intersect_audience Lookalike_audience Lookalike_audience_2

Check out the symbols bellow to learn how to get around the application easily. Audience_dashboard_1 Audience_dashboard_2 Audience_dashboard_3

Customer Insights

Get valuable insights about the specific audiences, but also the total customer base and use this knowledge when creating effective campaigns. Audience funnel report explains how the specific audience has been built based on specified filters.

Customer_insights Customer_insights_2 Customer_insights_3 Customer_insights_4 Customer_insights_5

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