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Support Services


Solver AI Suite Support Services are subscription support offering that enables our customers to access support services to use and maximize Solver AI Suite for their business seamlessly. Support Services are provided as a two-layer of support:

  • Standard Support Services - which are already included in the subscription package for the Purchased Services
  • Standard+ Support Services that are additionally purchased and contracted

Support Services are provided to Customer’s Users in accordance with the description set out in this document. Support Services are provided for the scope of all the services that are included in the subscription package for the Purchased Services of a Customer. Customers may incur additional Support Services charges as a new subscription for new products and subscription packages that are purchased. The customer is responsible for evaluating any advice or guidance received from Things Solver as part of a Services Support and for implementing any such advice and guidance.

Contacting Support

Channel Standard Support Standard+ Support
Case Submission Support Portal Case submission is available through the Support Portal Case submission is available through the Support Portal

Submitting a case

In order to resolve an issue, the Things Solver team must be able to reproduce errors a Customer is facing. The Customer agrees to cooperate and work closely with the Things Solver team to reproduce issues, including:

  • Describing the issue with all the required information
  • Conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as requested by the Things Solver team
  • Providing remote access to their Solver AI Suite instance for troubleshooting purposes

Required case information

Each case submitted to Things Solver support team must include the following information:

  • Name / Title - describe on a high level what is the case that you need assistance with
  • Summary - a detailed description of a reported task, that should be shared in easy-to-understand language. The summary may contain pictures and screenshots to help our developers to better understand the problem. Please note that not any part of the submitted case should contain any type of Personal Information. The customer is solely responsible for not providing and sharing any PII (Personal Identifiable Information) while requesting support.
  • Environment that you are using - describe which operating system, platform, and browser you use. Web applications may behave differently in different environments.
  • Source URL - if a case is submitted for the web user interface of your Solver AI Suite package, make sure that you prove a URL that relates to and shows the behavior of the submitted case.
  • Steps to reproduce - Customer Users submitting a case should describe, in as much detail as possible, the steps taken before encountering the bug.
  • Expected vs. actual results - Customer Users submitting a case should explain what results were expected - as specific as possible, and what results were retrieved.
  • Affected layer of application - Customer’s Users submitting a case should define in which part of the application the issue was experienced - Application web interface, API, data, ETL jobs, Unknown.

Severity Levels and SLA

Standard Support Standard+ Support
Severity Time to first response Time to resolution Time to first response Time to resolution
CRITICAL 1 (one) working days 5 (five) working days 3 (three) working hours 1 (one) working days
HIGH 1 (one) working days 5 (five) working days 1 (one) working days 3 (three) working days
LOW 1 (one) working days 10 (ten) working days 1 (one) working days 7 (seven) working days

CRITICAL - An error in the application module results in the imminent threat to the key business or near-term business milestone that pose a financial risk to the Customer. There is no backup solution to a specific problem (i.e. the job cannot be done in any other way). Note: If a customer is unable to access the portal, the time to resolution is 1 (one) working hour.

HIGH - An error in the application module prevents a part of the Customer’s work from being performed on a process level, with a small financial and/or business risk. There is a backup solution with a workaround, or non-key processes are impacted with no workaround.

LOW - An error in the application module has a non-key business impact with a workaround or no business impact. The error does not prevent the User from performing most of his tasks without interruption. There is a backup solution to overcoming a specific problem. An error in the application module carries minimal business and/or financial risk. An error in the application module is classified as an acceptable risk exposure at the process level, with minor operational corrections.

Changes to Support Services

Things Solver may modify Support Services from time to time, provided the level of service under the plans will not materially decrease during a subscription term.


Expenses. Any travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred by Things Solver resources related to providing Customer support will be separately invoiced to the Customer. Things Solver will notify a Customer if such expenses occur or may occur. The customer shall pay such invoice(s) in accordance with the invoicing terms of its Main Services Agreement.


Support Services do not include any of the following:

  • Implementation of the Services.
  • Assistance with Solver AI Suite password resets. For password resets and lockouts due to incorrect login attempts, Users should click the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page.
  • Assistance with non-Solver AI Suite products, services, or technologies, including implementation, administration, or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks, or communications systems.
  • Creation or testing of custom code
  • Assistance in integration with any third-party software, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, webshops, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, etc.
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