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Touchpoint Studio

Touchpoint Studio is unique solution for managing personalized experience on any channel. It’s ideal for upselling, cross-selling, keeping customers in the checkout, promoting actions or simply providing information of interest to them.

Touchpoint allows you to: - play with setting rules and positions to get automated and dynamic content for the customers on your digital channels - use power of artificial intelligence to increase relevance of the recommendations - define different content that will be dynamically served depending on the buying cycle your customer is in

Touchpoint consists of two moduls: Smart Recommendations and Smart Search

Smart Recommendations

Smart Recommendations ensure that every user is equipped with relevant recommendations he comes across on every digital platform. Those recommendations are based on your business wisdom, data and artificial intelligence.

Follow the steps bellow to find out what you can accomplish through Touchpoint Studio. touchpoint_1.jpg touchpoint_2.jpg touchpoint_3.jpg touchpoint_4.jpg touchpoint_5.jpg touchpoint_6.jpg touchpoint_7.jpg touchpoint_8.jpg touchpoint_9.jpg touchpoint_10.jpg touchpoint_11.jpg touchpoint_12.jpg touchpoint_13.jpg touchpoint_14.jpg touchpoint_15.jpg touchpoint_16.jpg

Smart Search ensures that every user while browsing is equipped with an intelligent way to search the content or relevant information available, thus allowing the visitors to freely express and formulate their inquiry or interest in some particular topic.

touchpoint_17.jpg touchpoint_18.jpg touchpoint_19.jpg touchpoint_20.jpg touchpoint_21.jpg touchpoint_22.jpg touchpoint_23.jpg touchpoint_24.jpg

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