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User management

You can add new users and manage their permissions by navigating to Configure section > IAM.
*Note: Configure section can only be seen and accessed by Super users.

User roles

There are several roles in Solver AI Suite:

  • Standard user - can view all resources, create audiences and campaigns

  • Advanced user - can view all resources, create audiences, campaigns and approve campaigns

  • Super user - user with all privileges and user management permissions, acts as an administrator

The following table lists the roles available and the permissions for the given role.

User role/Action Create audience/segment Create campaign Approve campaign Read reports Manage permissions

How to add a new user

From IAM > Users tab you can add new users by entering their email address and selecting a role for each user. You can also edit or delete a user from this tab.

An added user receives an email with a link to set up their password. After adding a password, the new user can log in to Solver AI Suite and use the platform.

In IAM > Groups tab you can see groups of users by roles and their permissions.

Audit history

Audit history is a feature that allows you to track activity of your users on Solver AI Suite.

Navigate to Configure section > Settings to see all user activity logs. You can search, filter or export the logs to use them for analysis or troubleshooting.

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