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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How I can integrate my data to Solver AI Suite?
A: There is various possibility when it comes to data integration. Currently supported: AWS CLI, Events SDK, WooCommerce platform plugin.

Q: Is it mandatory to have all columns from data models flaged as mandatory no matter what SAIS studio I am using?
A: No, there is a set of minimum columns depending on subscribed studio. You can find more details on page: Data Model

Q: What I need to do to be able to sent campaigns?
A: Select channels you want to use and vendors for each of them. For email, Things Solver services is supported and we are offering full integration. For Viber and SMS, SAIS support out of the box next vendors: Akton, Infobip, GMD.

Q: I don't have a public storage to store raw images if products, can I use Solver AI Suite feature?
A: Solver AI Suite comes with advanced storage capability and we can offer you a public storage endpoint. You just need to follow integration steps and regularly upload you raw content.

Q: Can I sent campaign to end customers not integrated already in Solver AI Suite?
A: Yes, you can manually upload audience through xlsx or csv file. Depending on channel you are using, you need to include phone_number (Viber, SMS) or email (Email) columns. Also, any other column you have in uplaoded file, you can use as a placeholder.

Q: How to call touchpoint for exact customer id?
A: You need to pass two parameters in a header object. First is identity_type: customer_id and second value of customer_id, e.g. customer_id: uid9092502. Note that customer_id should have been existing in the moment of touchpoint calculation. In case customer do not exist or there is no recommended due to customer's inactivity, it will receive recommended products from default strategy.

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